How to Clean Garage Walls

We will tell you how to clean your garage walls and what tools should not be used on them

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Garage is not only the place where we kep our cars. Our garages also serve as storages for keeping all sorts of stuff, from bicycles, rollerblades and scooteres to tennis rockets, garden hoses and tools, and in some cases even camping tents! But with all that in your garage, you can be sure that sooner or later it will collect all the possible dust and grime that is around. And all this will settle on the walls of your garage, of course.

This is why many homeowners often ask how to clean the interior garage walls correctly without causing any damage to them. See, you might not be aware of it, but you can’t use any cleaning tool inside your garage…But hold on! Let’s move on step by step!

If cleaning your garage walls is an issue for you as well, we recommend you read this article first. You will learn exactly how to wash the inside walls of your garage, and what toold you will need for that. Also, we will tell you why you should not make use of certain cleaning appliances. In addition, you are going to find out what cautions need to be taken when cleaning your garage walls.

Garage Walls

All You Need to Know About Cleaning Garage Walls

What do you thinknnof when you hear the phrase “cleaning garage walls”? We bet that you imagine how you take a pressure washer or any other similar washing appliance, and get the job done in several minutes. However, things are a bit different with the garages…

See, first of all, interior garage walls are too sensitive and fragile to be washed with a pressure washer, even if it is not a commercial machine but the one that can be used for houseehold duties. This is why, if you know that your garage walls need to be cleaned, be ready to grab a bucket filled with warm soapy water, take a heavy-duty sponge and a harsg bristle brush,  and spend some time and elbow grease on making those walls clean.

Below, you can find a detailed description of such cleaning process. Like this, we hope you will be able to better understand what steps you need to take if you have to wash your inside garage walls.

Remove Everything From the Walls

The first thing you need to do before you start washing the garage walls is to make sure that you remove everything from the walls. Also, anything that is located near the walls should be removed as well. This will give you enough space to clean without getting distracted (or without accidentally breaking something).

Removing clutter and organizing all the storage spaces in your garage is the first step on your way to making the space clean. Believe it or not, in the majority of cases you will find lots of things to get rid of! Usually those are the things that you do not need, so don’t hesitate to throw them away. Like this, you can achieve a minimalist garage that will always be easy to clean.

Remove Loose Dirt And Dust

This is the next step you need to take before you reach for the bucket with water and brush. Make sure that you remove all the loose dirt and dust before your start cleaning. This is an important step in the cleaning process and it makes cleaning fast and effective later. 

Luckily, you can easily get rid of loose dirt and dust on the walls of your garage by using a broom! With the help of this simple tool, you will be able to remove dust that has accumulated on the walls and in the corners of your garage over time. And don’t forget to remove cobwebs on the corners of your walls! 

However, a broom is not your only companion in this cleaning mission! You can also make use of a vacuum cleaner to blow dust from the walls. This is an effective and fast process, so we suggest you opt for it if you want to save some time instead of using a broom. By the way, a leaf blower will also work to remove any loose dirt on the garage walls!

Do Stain Treatment

After you dusted the walls of your garage and they are dirt and dust-free, it is time to move on to the next stage of the cleaning procedure. It may so happen that your garage walls need some stain treatment.

Treating stains on the walls is necessary before you start cleaning. See, stain treatment will help you save time when you start cleaning the entire wall. If you do the stain treatment in advance, you will not have to spen more effort and time on removing the stubborn stains from the wall by vigorous scrubbing!

There is another reason why it is good to do stain treatment in advance. This way, you can avoid spreading those stains all over the entire wall when you start cleaning. 

  • To deal with oil stains on the wall, you can use a degreaser that will help you to eliminate the stains fast.
  • For other tough stains on the wall, feel free to make use of some baking soda and ammonia.

Clean the Entire Wall With Soap And Water

Now, after you broomed or vacuumed your garage walls, and after you removed all the stains from them, it is the right time for washing. This is an important process in cleaning your wall, this is why you have to be sure that you understand the type of wall material in your garage very well.

For example, to clean drywalls, using just soap and warm water is a good way. In case you need to deal with some dirt off the walls, you might need to opt for a piece of cloth or a soft brush to scrub those out. But if you do not have any stubborn dirt that got stuck on the walls of your garage, using the regular dishwashing soap is enough to clean them.

Wait For the Walls to Dry

This step is essential in case you don’t just want to clean your garage walls, but you are planning to paint them later, for instance. In this case, it is important to wait and give the interior garage walls enough time so that they tcould dry thoroughly. 

In general, before you start applying paint on your garage walls, it is recommended that you give them at least 24 hours so that the surface fully dries. If you touch the wall and you can feel that it is still wet or damp, don’t rush and give it more time! It must be completely dry to the touch!

The same applies if you are going to hang anything on the walls after you wash them. Waiting for the walls to dry for 24 hours will help you to avoid any stains on the walls after hanging on a wet wall.

Like this, now you know exactly wha steps should be taken and in which sequence in order to make your inside garage walls clean again. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about it. You just need to make sure that you pre-clean the walls before you start washing them, and that you give them enough time to dry afterward.

What Cautions Should Be Taken When Washing Garage Walls

If you think that washing garage walls means just shoving them with a wet cloth or sponge, you are wrong. Of course, now you know how exactly your garage walls should be cleaned, but also, it is essential to be aware of a few cautions that can save your garage from any unexpected damage and flaws.  

Beware of Power Socket!

Before you start cleaning your interior garage walls, we suggest you make sure that you take note of the power sockets. It is important that the power cables are protected from any water that might got onto them. 

You surely know that water can damage the sockets which can later lead to accidents due to electrocution! Since you just want to wash your garage, not burn it down, make sure that you mind this issue. What we recommend you do is to seal the power sockets before you start cleaning. Like that, you can protect them from water. 

Use a Stable Step Ladder For Cleaning

Cleaning walls will most likely require you using a step ladder. Garage walls are usually pretty high, so unless you are Michael Jordan, you might not be able to reach some areas to clean them. 

This is why you need to get a stable ladder. With its help, you will manage to reach the highest point of the walls for a more effective cleaning. Also, we want to remond you that, when using a step ladder, you always need to make sure that you get a stable one! The more stable your ladder is, the higher the chances that you will avoid accidents during the cleaning process.

Beware Of Flooding Your Garage! 

When you wash your garage walls, flooding a garage is always an issue to a certain point. See, especially if your walls are rather dirty, chances are high that there will be quite a lot of water accumulated on the floor. 

In case it happens to you, we recommend you make sure that you always have mats in the garage. Having a good drainage is also essential. However, in case you do not have proper drainage in the garage, you need to make sure that you do not use a lot of water. Because if you do, this will most likely lead to garage flooding. 

Remove the water from the floor with a squeegee as soon as you start noticing water accumulating.

Wear the Right Shoes When Cleaning

When cleaning the garage walls, you need to use the right footwear. Why would proper shoes matter? First of all, because there are chances of falls happening in the garage during the washing procedure. This is why using the right shoes can be helpful. In addition, when you wash your garage walls, all the water ends up on the floor thus making it very slippery!

This is why, when choosing what shoes to put on, you need to make sure that you choose non-slippery option. Also, your shoes or boots have to be waterproof. Like that, you can navigate the cleaning process and feel stable on the wet floor. 

Pressure Washing the Garage Walls Is Not a Good Idea!

Quite many homeowners think that using a pressure washer will help them to clean the garage walls quickly and effectively. However, we would not recommend you using this appliance, and this is why.

When cleaning the garage walls, it is important that you make sure that you do not cause any damage to the surface in the process. This is why it is suggested to make use of a soft brush or a piece of cloth to remove dirt. Pressure washing the garage walls is not advisable since this method is way more harsh, especially on the walls that are made using drywall.

The water pressure from the pressure cleaner is too much and is likely to damage the walls. Using a pressure washing machine might peel the paint on the walls in case you have any. When cleaning the walls make sure that you use a method that will not affect the paint or integrity of the walls.

So, now you have learned more about cleaning your interior garage walls. With all the information in mind, and with all the life hacks and tips we shared with you, we are sure that now you will be able to clean your garage walls like a pro!

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