How to Hide Garage Walls For Party

Learn how you could turn your garage into a fun party space!

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If you are planning on organising a party at home, you are definiely concerned about whether or not you have enough space for that occasion. Especially if it is not just a small family gahering, buta graduation party or a birthday of your three year-old kid!

But if you have a garage, the issue with exra space can actually be solved quite easily. the only muance that you might face at this point is how to your cover garage walls for party, and what to sue for this purpose.

This is why we think that this article will be handy for you. From it, you will learn more about a few DIY garage party decoration ideas. Also, we will tell you about permanent garage covering solutions, as well as temporary garage cover solutions. In addition, you will learn a step by step guide for covering your garage walls, and also, you will get a couple of tips on how to make your garage look awesome if you want to organize a party there. 

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Garage Decorating Ideas For Party

If you are going to have a party at home and you know that you need a lot of space, it does not mean that you have to remove all the furniture from your rooms! If you have a garage, it can become a handy solution for this issue of extra space. 

However, many homeowners would ask themselves a common question: how to cover a wall or walls in my garage for the upcoming party? What materials shall I use? As you know, most of us have garages that are functional. We use them to park cars and also, many of us store all sorts of things in cabinets there. That includes sport equipment, bikes, rollerblades, toys, and different gardening tools that also add to the clutter. This is why choosing a nice backdrop will help you to hide all that clutter from your guests.

So if you need to make your garage look more presentable, usually, simply hanging a sheet or drape can be a great idea if you need to hide the clutter in your garage. When done correctly, the garage will be more appealing to look at and of course to celebrate in!

But what most of us usually experience at this point is that, when it comes to hanging a cloth backdrop, a sheet, a curtain, or drapes in our garage to make it look nicer and more attractive, the first thing we want to do is decide if we want a permanent solution that can be reused, or we need something that will serve for a one-time use instead.

This is why below you can find a few ideas in what could be used for both permanent and temporary garage decoration. Like this, you will be able to compare both options and see which one suits you most. 

Permanent DIY Garage Covering Solution

In case you understand that you want to have a long-term covering option in your garage to be able to reuse it multiple times, you can do the following. If you have available space in your garage, create a permanent steel rod framing. That will let you use any kind of backdrop for any party or any occasion you want, whenever you need it.

This options is so handy because you need to install this system once, and then you can transform your garage into an event space whenever you need to. Permanent steel rod framing will also allow you to cover your garage walls in just a few minutes. 

To attach that rod, feel free to use steel pipe, photography stands that use backdrops, or even a PVC pipe! The only thing that you need to make sure is that your backdrop frame is strong enough to hold the coverings. Also, it should be large enough to be able to cover the walls of your garage.

Of course, attaching such frames requires a lot more time and effort than temporary options, but if you have enough space, this can be reused over and over again.

Temporary DIY Garage Covering Ideas

If you want a temporary solution taht will be used only once or twice, there is no need to opt for any complicated ideas. You can use a photography backdrop stands and purchase some clips to attach cotton sheets to the stand. 

See, photography backdrops stands can be the most suitable option since they are fairly cheap and also they are already available. Besides, they come in different sizes so that you can get 8′ x 10′ sections for well under $100 good enough for lightweight applications.

When selecting a temporary garage wall cover, make sure that, if you use sheets, they are heavy-duty ones. Some sheets that are available on the market can show through under the lights. So if you want to hide your clutter, you will definiely want to get something that is not that easy to see through!

Since now you have a better understanding of what can be used in order to cover your garage walls for a party, we suggest you read on and find out what steps should be taken on the way to getting perfectly covered garage walls and creative party interior!

Steps to Take to Cover Your Garage Walls For Party

Above, we have explained how you can turn your garage space into a creative and nicely 

looking area to have a party there. And now we offer you a short guide on what steps to take in order to make your garage look more suitable for this kind of event. ALl you need to do is to follow these simple steps in order to get your garage walls ready for the upcoming party or celebration! You will just need a fresh coat of paint:

  • Take off the edges of each wall in your garage
  • Find high-quality paint of your favorite color
  • Start painting your wall with the help of a brush or a paint roller
  • Use smaller brushes to get edges and crevices (or for creating designes)
  • Wait for the paint to dry
  • Set up any new furniture in the garage if you need it for the party

As an alternaive option, you can drape your garage walls with curtains or cloth if you don’t have enough time for applying paint, or if you simply don’t feel like painting. Also, no matter what approach you choose, you need to be sure that you take changes in lighting into account when planning your new party setup! Like this, you will hang new lights accordingly.

What else should you do to get your garage ready for a party? Except for covering up your walls with something pleasing to the eye and good looking, and except for cleaning out your garage (which is a must!), you can do the following to get your garage ready:

  • Get a fancier light setup
  • Add more windows to your garage to allow more light
  • Hire electricians to set up more power outlets
  • Setup air conditioning and improve the insulation
  • Upgrade your flooring

With all these life hacks and recommendations, your garage will turn into a fancy and aewsome-looking space that can be used for any kind of celebration, whether it is a birthday of your child, a graduation party, or a garage sale!

How to Make Your Garage Wall Coverings Look Amazing?

If you decide to paint your garage walls for the upcoming party, all you need to do is to prep the walls and apply the paint you choose to them. For this, you don’t need much, just a can of paint and a brush or a paint roller. Well, and enough patience and time since paint needs to have enough time to fully dry and cure before the painted space can be used!

But in case you decide to opt for drapings of any kind, you might need to give them more attention and care to make them look nice. Adding these finishing touches will make your garage party and walls look more professional.

Use an Iron Or Steamer to Get Rid Of Wrinkles

If you are going to hand drapes or othre coverings made of fabric in your garage to hide the walls, you can face a common problem. When removing your drapes from the packaging, or if they have been folded for a long time, you will see that they are wrinkled! 

Naturally, you will want to iron them to remove all the creases before you hang your backdrop. If this step is skipped, your drapes will show the wrinkles and creases when you hang them, especially under lights! So don’t be lazy and spend a few extra minutes with your iron or steamer to get a wrinkle-free draping.

Add Accent Lighting

By adding accent lighting behind and around the drapings, you will create a subtle backdrop that is more visually appealing. In additon, this will soften the lighting in the garage.

And the great thing is that you don’t need expensive lighting systems! You can use cheap lights perfectly well! Only make sure to use LED lights to avoid creating a fire hazard. 

Use Matching Tablecloths

If there are going to be any snacks and drinks at the party (and they will surely be there!), you will need a tablecloth. Make sure that you use a tablecloth that matches your drapings. Like this, you will create a setting where the tables appear as part of the overall design.

Don’t Forget About the Floors!

Quite many homeowners become so much focused on draping their garage walls and decorating the enire space, that they forget about your garage floor. What do we mean? See, if your garage floor is clean, then it is absolutely fine. But if your floor is stained or dirty, and you don’t have time not only on mopping, but even on sweeping it, simply put down a temporary rolling floor cover! Even a regular indoor/outdoor carpet will work great! Just make sure to tape down any edges so that the carpet or a floor cover won’t move all over your garage.

With these simple life hacks, you garage will easily turn from a boring and stuffed space into a nicely looking and attractive and cozy area where you can celebrate.

Why Use a Garage For Parties At All?

This is a reasonable question since most of us typically host parties inside our houses. Those who have deck or patio will usually locate their celebration there, if the weather allows. But there are a few occasions when you might want to transform your garage into a party space!

Birthday Parties

When you are going to celebrate your kid’s birthday, it’s always going to be a mess with sticky windows, doors and floors, spilled juice and chocolate marks everywhere. So instead of messy rooms, why not take the party to the garage? 

Simply sweep the garage floor, add a nice cover to the walls, and hang some balloons and wall and ceiling decorations! And you are ready for the great B-Day! 

For the adults, you can set up tables and chairs, add some tablecloths and lights. Also, it could be a great idea to fire up the grill and set up a table with food and beverage at the driveway to welcome your guests.

Graduation Parties

To host a graduation party, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Simply get a few portable tent canopies and cover the garage walls, blow up balloons, and add decorations. And with several tables and chairs, table decorations, and LED lights, you will not only make your garage look festive, but you will also make your party a huge success!

Garage Sales

If you want to set up for a garage sale, but at the same time, you need to hide the items stored in your garage that are not for sale, there is a simple way out. You can opt for the wall covering solutions we mentioned above to quickly conceal your walls and give you more privacy.

So, now you know how to hide your garage walls and everything that you might store in there in case you decide to organize a party at home. With our life hacks, recommendations, and ideas, we are sure that you will be able to decorate your garage perfectly well even if it is stuffed with all sorts of things!

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