How to Live On Site While Building Your House

We will tell you where you could live while your house is being built

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If you need to have your house restored, renovated or built from the foundation, you need to make sure that you have the right place to live in while the process is being in progress. If you live alone, it is much easier to do. However, if you have a family, you need to decide in advance where all of you will be staying while your home is being under renovation.

At this point, many people feel uncertain since they can’t usually figure out where it is possible to live while building a house. Fortunately, you have come across this article! From it, you will learn about the major accomodation ideas that you can make use of while building or renovating your house.

Except for telling you what to live in while building a house, we are also going to explain what things should be taken into consideration before you move. In addition, we will share a brief yet very informative guide with you on your future temporary housing during the construction.

Temporary Housing Solutions During Home Construction or Renovation
Temporary Housing.

Temporary Housing While Building a Home

Whenever one starts renovating or building a house, the issue of temporary housing during construction becomes a crucial point of concern for many homeowners. Thos who live alone may not even notice any inconveniences since it’s much easier to find an accomodation for yourself if it is only you who needs a housing.

But those homeowners who have families tend to be more worried about this issue. And it is quite understandable since they need to think not only of themselves, but also of their children, spouse and pets (in case the family has those).  

This is why we suggest you check out our list of temporary housing ideas that we have prepared for you below. We hope that with its help you will be able to figure out what kind of accomodation might be more suitable for you. 

Zeus Living

This is a good idea for renting while building a house, fofr example. Zeus Living offers you fully furnished accomodation for those homeowners who are looking for a short-term places to stay. Also, this option will be a good solution for you if you want to live with comfort even if you are not at home. 

Zeus Living offers you to choose from studios, apartments, and homes of all sizes in the country’s largest metropolitan areas. Thanks to this you can experience the best convenience and amenities while your construction is underway.

In addition, when renting an accomodation from Zeus Living, you can stay there from one month and longer, depending on how soon your home is ready to move in. There is also no need for you to burn a hole in your bank account in order to pay for a hotel, while also enjoying amenities.

Instead, with Zeus Living, you can enjoy staying at a home-like accomodation while you are away from your own one, especially if this short-term period is a bit longer than expected. Yo will want to choose this option due to the following benefits:

Guaranteed Quality 

Each of Zues Living homes is convenient, comfortable, and cozy. From inspection, furnishing, to overall maintenance, the company guarantees the quality of each property.


The living spaces at Zeus Living are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. In any of their homes, you can enjoy excellent and fast Wi-Fi connection, fresh linens, comfy furniture, and all the amenities you need in serene and lovely living spaces.

Rent an RV

This is another option of a temporary mobile home rental while building or renovating your own house. Investing in an RV rental is a rather dynamic and exciting option if you are looking for a housing for the period of the construction or renovation. And even though many of you might not consider this housing option to be ideal, this is a good choice for the landlord or family that is flexible enough to treat the time as an adventure.

However, if you choose thins option, don’t stay idle in the RV. Embark upon a road trip and put some miles on your temporary home! You can partake in a completely different lifestyle  creating memories, living life on the road, and experiencing a house on wheels.

Book a Hotel

While this is the most obvious choice of temporary accommodation while building or renovating your house, it only makes sense for those who only need to stay away from home for a short period of time. In all the other cases, the obvious negative factor is the price of this type of accomodation. Should you need to be out of the home for a few days, consider treating yourself to a staycation and enjoy some quality room service.

Another thing to consider is the hotels that are meant for the extended stay. These establishments are perfect for those who need to find accommodations for longer periods of time (usually from weeks and up to months) and the price per night is reflective of this.

But no matter which option appeals to you more, when booking a hotel, everything depends on the amount of time you are going to live there and the sum of money that you are ready to pay. If the quality of your stay isn’t a crucial factor for you, a cheap hotel might be the best solution. However, if you are not willing to make any sacrifices in terms of , then a fully-accommodating hotel can get expensive.

Impromptu Trip

Another option in the same vein as the RV. Why not use the time to go on an adventure? Consider going camping with your friends and loved ones, tenting in the wild and spending some time away. Grab the essentials, pack the cooler, and head out somewhere beautiful. Once you’ve returned, you’ll be greeted by a finished home.

Additionally, it doesn’t need to be camping. The idea here is that if you’re going to spend money on temporary housing, why not do it somewhere afar? It’s cash you need to spend, so you might consider spending a bit more to make it a trip. Instead of a less-than-ideal temporary stay somewhere in the city, use the opportunity to go on an unforgettable voyage.

Teardrop Camper in the Backyard

Who said a vacation can only take place in another location? For another exciting option, rent a teardrop camper and put it in the backyard. If you have children, this is something they’ve likely dreamed of—an adventure right there on the premises.

If you want to get really creative (and your home/location can accommodate), start a fire, read a book out loud, put away your technology, and end it all with a backyard s’mores session.

Proximity – For many property owners, leaving while construction is underway simply isn’t an option. You need to stay put, evaluating the progress of the project throughout each day. If you decide to go the “backyard adventure” route, then you haven’t left home. It’ll make it easier to track the status of the project and weigh in when necessary.

So now you know what other options you might have if you need to stay elsewhere while your house is being renovated or even built from the very foundation. And since we provided you with pretty many alternative options, we are sure that you will be bale to easily pick the one that suits you better than all the others.

Things to Consider About Temporary Home While Building

It is not enough to only decide what type of temporary accomodation you can afford or you want to live in while your house is unavailable for living. Once you have your temporary living situation in mind, you will need to accommodate all the other facets of your life as well. That includes:

  1. Your family
  2. Your pets
  3. Your stuff

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these factors below.

Family Members

If you are moving with your family members, hopefully, all of them are going to be just as excited as you are about the idea of changing your accomodation for a while. However, to have all your daily bases covered, we recommend you share your plans with your family and discuss everything with them. Each voice has to be heard! This will help make your solution for temporary housing during construction successful.

Your Pets

At times, people can forget that, when they leave anywhere for quite a long period of time away from their home, all living creatures must go with them. That includes dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and any other pets (even your goldfish!) that one can keep at home! Even if you have a snail, it must be taken with you. No jokes here.

If you don’t consider your housing safe while under renovation, it is also unsafe for your cat or parrot. When you search for temporary living solutions, as a pet owner, make sure that whatever option you choose is pet-friendly. Otherwise, you can place your pet into a pet hotel as an option. 

Your Stuff And Other Belongings

While this discussion should, and almost always will occur well before construction on your home begins, it bears repeating here. If the renovations demand that your stuff be stored elsewhere to ensure their safe maintenance, do this before you opt into temporary housing.

For storing your stuff, we would suggest you consider using the following options:

  • Storage units
  • Detached garages
  • Friend or loved one’s home
  • Shed on a different part of your property

How to Get Yourself Ready For the Big Moving Day?

In the majority of cases, all the large construction or renovation projects don’t just start suddenly. You normally know when exactly all the “fun” begins. Any of these procedures are typically planned weeks or even months in advance! 

Thanks to this, the contractors and construction crew are given proper amount of time to adequately prepare their plan. During this same time, you also have plenty of time which you should spend on making a plan of your own. We mean your plan regarding the search of the place to stay at. You need to take you temporary housing into consideration during a home renovation. Also, think about accommodating your family (and pets as well) and clearing your current living space of all the stuff that isn’t immediately necessary.

The Ultimate Guide to Temporary Housing During Construction

Before you make a final decision on what type of housing you will need, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. How long will you be out of your home?
  2. What are the rates you’re comfortable with for this temporary solution?
  3. What types of amenities will you require?

The housing situation needs to address everything your home usually takes care of. This is why you should think about the workspace, relaxation area, cooking space, privacy, cleaning issues, and enough bathrooms for the whole family.

Determine your priorities as well. It is essential to ask what you value in your living space prior to finding your temporary accomodation. If you plan on staying outside your home for more than 30 days, you should consider options that have amenities like a kitchen (means it should be fully furnished with pots, pans, serving ware, and other essentials), so that you are not overspending on restaurants or room service.

And of course, mind your budget! Hotels can be quite pricey. If you are moving with your family and bringing along the whole gang means having multiple rooms, this price tag can quickly reach the sky! This is why we recommmend you consider this the high end of what you are willing to spend and what you are ready to spend for your temporary housing. And only then you should start searching for cheaper alternatives.

With all this informaion in mind, you will now be able to easily decide what type of temporary accomodation you might need in case you are planning to renovate your house or if you have just started building it. Moreover, you know precisely what nuances should be considered in order to make your move comfortable.

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