Tiny House Living Ideas For Families

Learn how you can make it work in a tiny house with a big family!

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What do you think of when you hear about the idea of living in a tiny home with a big family? Perhaps, most of you would think something like “Crazy!”, but believe it or not, it is possible to arrange your small living space to make it comfortable for more than two people and even pets!

In this article, we will tell you how big families can organize their living in tiny houses. You will learn a few handy tricks that will allow you to organize a tiny home with kids in particular. We will explain what you can do to make your living space comfortable for each family member and still have enough spare room for your leisure or your kids’ activities. In addition, you will find out what you can sacrifice and what is best to be left when planning your tiny home organization.

Living In a Tiny House With a Family. Tips And Ideas

When we think about living with a family in a tiny house, we think it is very bothersome and even unbearable to some. having two adults and kids in the same space is crazy, isn’t it? Imagine if the family also has a dog! That’s a nightmare!

Tiny House Living
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This is what people usually think about living in a tiny house with a family. And it’s easy to understand them since we are used to the idea that each family member needs their own space, plus the whole family needs some space for their children to play. But how is it possible to organize all this if your home is just 130 square feet?

Tiny houses might seem inappropriate place for kids, of course, but if you want to build your own home or you already live in a tiny house and you are planning to have kids soon, you might find it useful to learn how you can make your living space comfy for both you and your spouse, as well as your children, present or future.

  • Plan on how your tiny home will be sectioned e.g. where your child will be sleeping, where you will keep your belongings, or where your kid will keep all the toys
  • Consider sacrificing something, for example, you might leave less play space and less storage for personal belongings
  • If you have teenagers living with you in your tiny house, consider they need more private space!
  • If you have your own land, you might want to rely on accessory buildings for extra play space
  • Think about how your living space will be planned. You might want to use some handy storage tips and ideas
  • Consider installing multifunctional furniture like folded tables in the kitchen, etc. They  will allow you to have more spare space

In general, it is not something impossible to organize your tiny home so that all of you feel comfy and cozy there! You just need to approach the task smartly. For sure, having a few square meters means that you will have to use them wisely: no unnecessary purchases, no unnecessary stuff. You will have to think twice before buying a new thing for your home.

This is why we recommend you read about the most common complications that families face when living in tiny houses.

Living In a Tiny Home With Kids. What You Might Find Difficult

If you live or want to move into a house that is less than 400 square feet while having children, you will surely face certain complications that are good to know about in advance. Parenting is a tough thing in an average-size home, so if you have to share your tiny house with a spouse and your child (or several kids), you have to be prepared!

You Will Have to Spend More Time Together

When you live in a tiny home with a big family, you can’t just go to your room and stay there if you need some solitude. Simply because you might not have your very own room! Or you might have to share it with your husband or wife. So be ready that you will have a constant lack of privacy and private space, which can be pretty tough to some people.

Kids Will Be There All the Time!

Of course, all parent love their kids, but if you live in a regular house, it’s easier to take a bit of rest from them and their constant need for attention. But it's not like that when you live with your family in a tiny house. Your little ones will have full-time access to you! So think about how you can distract them. Maybe you could make a small playground outdoors if the space allows that so that your children could play outside for a while. 

It Can Be Hard to Find Time For Yourself

When you live in a tiny house with kids, it can be hard not only to find private space for yourself. It is often hard to find some private time for you and your spouse (you know what we mean)! The living area is so limited that you are always side by side with each other.

So if you don’t have kids yet but you want them one day in your tiny home, think about this nuance in advance. You might want each room to have sound dampening, for example. It would also be a good idea to place your master bedroom as far from the kids’ rooms as possible.

Consider Your Pets

If you have a pet, especially a dog, it should be taken into consideration as well. Of course, you can keep it outside in an aviary if the land allows. But in most cases, people keep their pets indoors, even quite big dogs like German shepherds! In this case, you will have to think about your pet’s sleeping area, as well as the place where you will keep your dog’s or cat’s toys. 

It’s Gonna Be Messy!

If you live in a tiny house with little children, be ready for a constant mess! Toys are going to be scattered around, turning your limited living space into a hell on earth. So we recommend you give certain parameters to your children, for example, they have to know that they can only have one box of toys per each. Everything that doesn’t fit will be tossed.

And don’t worry if sometimes you will feel sick of it. It’s totally fine! Instead of drowning in a depressive mood or anger, call a meeting with your family and try to figure out what to do. It will help you to hear them out and besides, your kids will learn that they can freely talk about their feelings and concerns with you, their parents.

Why Would You Want to Live In a Tiny House With Kids?

Now some of you are surely wondering: why would anyone who is sane want to live in a tiny house with kids?! For God’s sake! Indeed, many tiny houses are best suited to one or two people. Besides, it depends on your own preferences and the type of your character and personality. If you are a loner and adore solitude and silence, you will most likely not include children in your future plans for life in a tiny home!

But if you are planning kids while living in a tiny home, it can be customized to fit more occupants than it has now. In fact, living in a small space can be done with even several kids. You just need some smart planning. But why would anyone want this?

  • For some families, living in a tiny home is about having a secure home of their own. Besides, this is a way to save up for a larger house
  • For others, it is about togetherness since tiny living teaches your children the values of communication and simplicity
  • Sharing a small space with kids creates opportunities to teach them coworking since every family member must help maintain order in your home
  • In a tiny home, kids will learn to be conscious of resources like energy usage

However, if you are considering moving into a tiny house with your kids, you need to discuss this decision with each of them! You need to take each person's needs into consideration, as well as pay attention to their desires and feelings about it. 

So now you know more about living in a tiny house. You learned what things should be considered if you decide to move into a tiny house or build one for yourself. Also, you figured out what complications you might face while living in a small home with your family and kids. With all this in mind, you will be able to approach the decision of moving into a tiny home wisely.

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