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A complete guide on this wonderful solid core siding

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Covering your house’s exterior walls with siding is an affordable and relatively quick way to make the home look aesthetically nice and last longer. Vinyl siding that is widely used today is easy to maintain and it is pretty strong and durable. 

However, technologies don’t stop and today, we would like to introduce you to Crane Board vinyl siding. This is a relatively new option on the market of house siding materials. Unlike the majority of siding options available, this one has significant distinctions that we will tell you about today. 

You will learn why it’s worth considering Crane Board vinyl siding and what benefits it has. Also, we will explain what downsides this vinyl siding might have. In addition, you will find out what colors of siding the manufacturer offers and what alternative types of siding this brand has to offer to its customers.

Crane Board siding

What Is Crane Board Solid Core Insulated Siding?

What is this Crane Board siding, you may be wondering? First of all, Crane Board is the name of the brand that manufactures this type of siding. But since Crane Board siding is made of vinyl (just like most of the rest of the siding options), people often wonder what difference there is between it and other brands.

If you visit Crane Board vinyl siding website, you will see the answer to this question right there: Crane Board is what is called an insulated siding. It means that it’s designed to provide you with energy efficiency and manage moisture. In addition, even though it is made of vinyl, it looks and feels like real wood! But unlike wood which is expensive and bothersome to maintain, this siding is much easier to manage.

In general, this type of siding has a few superpowers that you might find attractive: 

  • It can reduce thermal conductivity
  • It absorbs and reflects radiant heat
  • It comes in several different profiles (6-inch and 7-inch profiles)
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors

All these features allow you to not only make your home cozier and more comfortable. Thanks to them, you can also choose the siding option that will look aesthetically pleasing and harmonious when installed.

Types Of Crane Board Insulated Siding

As we have already mentioned, there are several different types of this vinyl siding available on the market. They are 6-inch and 7-inch profiles, as well as 10-inch Crane Board Board And Batten. Below, you can find more information on each of them.

Crane Board 6-Inch Clapboard Plank

This version is classic and tested with time. It can work beautifully and harmoniously if used with accents of stone, shake and board and batten. As an option, feel free to cover an entire facade with it, creating smooth integrity and a flawless appearance!

  • This siding has an  authentic design
  • The texture has the beauty of hand-milled cedar grain
  • Smooth, locked edges that provide a seamless appearance
  • Requires no painting
  • No scraping is needed for maintenance or cleaning
  • R-Value up to 2.5 depending on the profile
  • Insulation is able to breathe and keep moisture out
  • 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement
  • It reduces noise by up to 45%
  • Wind resistance up to 200 mph
  • You can choose from 22 colors

Crane Board 7-Inch Clapboard Plank

The 7-inch clapboard plank is a good choice for an endless variety of architectural styles. You can use it for homes built in the traditional Colonial style, as well as with the most contemporary designs! 

Crane Board 7-inch vinyl siding has that hand-milled cedar finish that makes it so unique and attractive. Also, it is known for having an architecturally correct width that combines with a perfectly straight and deeply shadowed shape. Finally, in addition to the design, this option comes with a superior selection of colors that make it a distinctive option for any home.

  • Insulation has moisture management ridges, providing space for ventilation
  • No painting is needed since it comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Easy to maintain since it requires no scraping
  • Absorbs and reflects radiant heat
  • Reduces thermal conductivity
  • 200% stronger bond with the special lamination technology
  • 64% greater impact resistance
  • Reduces noise up to 45%
  • Can resist winds up to 200 mph
  • Authentic design with clean hand-milled cedar grain look

10-Inch Crane Board Board And Batten

10-inch board and batten is not only architecturally correct. It is pretty versatile in terms of use: you can make use of it either as a theme or to add a bit of rustic vibe to your home. This vinyl siding option has a varied palette being available in 19 colors, so you will definitely find the shade that fits your home and its design. Finally, just check out these features! 

  • It comes with the double 10-inch profile
  • Authentic wide board design with hand-milled cedar grain look
  • Smooth locked edges make the siding look seamless after installation
  • No need to paint or repaint it
  • No scraping when cleaning
  • The profile comes with up to a 19% better R-value
  • 200% stronger bond due to the special lamination technology
  • 64% greater impact resistance
  • Can reduce noise by up to 45%
  • Can resist winds up to 150 mph

Now you know more about Crane Board vinyl siding and its specifics and features. You know what profile options exist and what makes them different. Also, you have learned what makes this type of vinyl siding distinct from the rest of them available on the market.

Crane Board Siding Colors

As we have already mentioned, Crane Board siding comes in a wide variety of colors. Each profile comes with its own palette which makes it possible for any customer to select the option that will suit their home ideally.

One of the most popular colors that the brand offers are:

  1. Harbor Blue
  2. Country Beige
  3. Aspen White
  4. Cypress
  5. Wheat
  6. Pearl
  7. Clay
  8. Mocha
  9. Greystone
  10. Honey Oak

Since all the colors that the brand offers are neutral and versatile, you don’t have to be afraid that you might not find the one that you like! You can find bold and rich hues, as well as calm and muted shades there. Thanks to this, Crane Board vinyl siding will fit any house design and style.

Useful information:

Home strengthening: earthquake protection

Pros And Cons Of Crane Board Insulated Siding

Speaking of Crane Board vinyl siding, you may think that this type of siding has no flaws and no downsides at all. Well, it is not quite so. Of course, it has plenty of benefits and positive features that make this material much better and desired than the rest of the siding materials available on the market.

Nevertheless, in order not to be affected by the idealized image of it, we recommend you read about its pros and cons carefully. Perhaps, you will find some features that won’t seem very attractive to you!

Pros Of Crane Board Solid Core Vinyl Siding

In fact, we have already listed all the possible benefits and pros this type of vinyl siding has. But anyway,  we will remind you of them.

  • This siding can withstand hurricanes and force winds up to 160 mph
  • It is termite resistant
  • It uses the technology of color protection which means that no repainting is needed
  • This siding requires no maintenance
  • No painting, repainting, or scraping to maintain your facade
  • It doesn’t warp, buckle or sag
  • It reduces external noise, keeping your home quiet
  • The siding material is manufactured from recyclable materials
  • Has several profile options available: D7, T6, Board & Batten, Q4 and Q45DL
  • Comes in a broad color palette from traditional to expressive shades
  • Horizontal board and batten profiles provide more options for exterior design
  • It offers significantly more insulation than fiber cement, wood, engineered wood, or brick

What Are the Downsides Of Crane Board Solid Core Vinyl Siding?

We truly tried to find at least some flaws and cons regarding this type of siding but it seems like there are no such things! This siding is easy to install, easy to clean, and maintain, it has plenty of perks and features that will make any home a much cozier place. Besides, Crane Board is environmentally friendly! So if you install it and find any downsides, let us know!

So, this is all that we wanted to share with you today regarding this miraculous product. To be honest, Crane Board siding is a new epoch in home siding history. With all its benefits and positive features, it is already becoming a favorite among homeowners all over the world, not only in the United States!

So if you are searching for the siding material that will reduce your electricity bills and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, you should definitely consider the Crane Board product. This vinyl siding has a beautiful texture and appearance of real wood, plus, it keeps your house safe from moisture and heat loss. In addition, it will withstand harsh weather conditions and elements as strong as hurricanes!


In the world of home exterior renovations, a name stands out amongst the crowd – the Craneboard Board and Batten. Not too long ago, siding was a straightforward affair, limited to wood or aluminum. But all that changed with the introduction of Craneboard's innovative vinyl siding products, heralding a revolution in the industry.

The history of Craneboard's "Board and Batten" is a tale of tireless engineering and revolutionary design. The beginning was marked by the introduction of the "6 Crane Board vinyl siding". The product combined the best of aesthetics and durability, ensuring homes could withstand harsh elements while still maintaining a pleasing visual appearance. But Craneboard didn’t stop there; innovation was, and still is, a continuous journey.

Recognizing the need for something robust and different, they introduced the "1 Main Craneboard Board and Batten". This was no ordinary product. It reflected a significant advancement in solid core vinyl siding, a technology that combined the strength of traditional materials with the maintenance ease of vinyl. This revolutionary product catered to those who craved a balance of form and function.

The "2 Solid Core Vinyl Siding" was another leap forward. This innovation managed to capture the market, setting a new bar for durability and energy efficiency. This product reflected Craneboard's commitment to the environment, reducing energy consumption through its superior insulating properties.

Throughout their history, Craneboard has shown an unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This is why, even today, you can find a variety of their board and batten for sale, each carefully designed and crafted to meet the unique needs of homeowners.

To sum up, the journey of Craneboard Board and Batten is a story of innovation, hard work, and dedication to customer satisfaction. And as they continue to innovate, homeowners can expect even better, more sustainable products in the future. This is the legacy of Craneboard and the promise it holds for the future of home exteriors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Crane Board Siding Cost?

Crane siding prices range from $3.50 to $10.50 per square foot installed. This includes the entire cost of the project, including the Craneboard panels and any necessary painting involved, additional materials and the installation.

Is Crane Board Siding Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, it is. CraneBoard has the lowest environmental impact than any other siding materials on the market.

How Thick Is Craneboard Siding?

At 05″ thick, CraneBoard insulated siding is one of the thickest vinyl siding panels on the market.

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