Toilet with cistern

Toilet with cistern

A toilet with cistern, also known as a close-coupled toilet or tank toilet, is a type of toilet that features a water tank (cistern) mounted directly above the bowl. The cistern stores water for flushing and is connected to the bowl, creating a compact and efficient toilet design commonly found in residential and commercial bathrooms.

Key features and benefits of a toilet with cistern:

1.  Efficient flushing system: The cistern holds a specific amount of water, which is released into the bowl when the flush lever or button is activated. This creates a powerful flush that effectively removes waste and ensures proper sanitation.

2.  Adjustable water usage: Many modern toilets with cisterns feature dual-flush technology, allowing users to choose between a full flush for solid waste or a reduced flush for liquid waste. This water-saving feature helps conserve resources and reduce utility costs.

3.  Easy maintenance: Toilets with cisterns are designed for easy access to internal components, such as the flush valve and fill valve. This simplifies maintenance tasks like replacing worn parts or adjusting water levels, ensuring the toilet continues to function properly.

4.  Versatile design options: Toilets with cisterns come in various styles, sizes, and colors to suit different bathroom designs. From traditional to modern, round or elongated bowls, and one-piece or two-piece configurations, homeowners can select a toilet that complements their bathroom's aesthetic.

5.  Reliable performance: The close-coupled design of a toilet with cistern ensures a secure connection between the tank and bowl, minimizing the risk of leaks. When properly maintained, these toilets offer reliable, long-lasting performance.

When installing a toilet with cistern, it is important to consider factors such as rough-in dimensions, bowl shape, and flush performance to ensure compatibility with the bathroom's plumbing and space constraints. Regular cleaning and maintenance, including checking for leaks and ensuring proper function of the flush mechanism, will help prolong the life of the toilet.

In bathroom floor plans and plumbing diagrams, a toilet with cistern is usually represented by a rectangular outline encompassing both the tank and bowl, with the necessary water supply and waste drainage connections indicated.

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